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Have an ecommerce business but need help growing it? Apply for our EcomScale Summit Pitch Competition! Five finalists will be chosen to pitch their businesses and win $100K+ in prizes that will help take their business to the next level.

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Applications Due:
Sep 7

Pitch Date:
Sep 13 at 4pm PT

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Live Viewers

EcomScale SummitEcomScale Summit

What We’re
Looking For

If your company fits any of these qualities, you’re miles ahead. We’re looking for a business that…

After applications close, our internal team of experts will use these criteria and a few more to determine the top 5 finalists. On Sep 13 @ 4pm PT, the finalists will present a LIVE pitch (via Zoom) to our panel of judges for a chance to win our collection of prizes.

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The Prizes

Each prize package was hand-selected from industry partners and
designed to help you scale your business quickly and efficiently.


When is the competition?

The 2022 EcomScale Pitch Competition will be held virtually on September 13th, 2022 @ 4pm PT. The top five finalists will be given 5 minutes to give a live pitch on Zoom in front of a live audience and panel of judges. Get a free ticket to EcomScale Summit 2022 if you want to attend!

When is the deadline to enter?

The final deadline to submit your completed application is September 7th, 2022 at midnight PT.

Do I need to attend EcomScale Summit to enter?

Yes. You need to register as a EcomScale Summit 2022 attendee to participate, but tickets are free of charge! You can get your free ticket here.

I’m not available Sept. 13th, 2022. Can I still win?

Unfortunately, no. You must be present and available during the live Pitch Competition to be eligible as a finalist. Even if you can’t make it, we encourage you to sign up for our EcomScale Summit (free of charge), so we can let you know when our next Pitch Competition is. Hopefully, you can make it then.

What are the requirements to enter?

We have 3 simple qualifications: have a running ecommerce store, have a physical product, and have a free ticket to EcomScale Summit. Details on the materials needed for your submission can be found when you click the “Apply Now” button on the top or bottom of this page.

I’ve entered the Pitch Competition before, am I eligible to enter again?

If you’ve entered a Pitch Competition from one of our other summits (like the Crowdfunded Summit), you are still eligible to compete in this competition.

Am I allowed to use a video for my pitch?

You are allowed (and encouraged) to attach a short video to your application. The video should not be longer than 90 seconds, and videos cannot be used in place of your live pitch if you are a finalist.

EcomScale Summit

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See if your business has what it takes to win over $100k in prizes and the hearts of hundreds of viewers.

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